Helping People In West Central Missouri For More Than 20 Years

Are you struggling with the aftermath of a painful injury suffered in an accident, or a criminal arrest that tarnished your reputation?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by details of your divorce, or considering bankruptcy protection after losing your job?

When the stakes for your future are this high, the aggressive advocate you want on your side is Troy D. Losh-North.

Troy D. Losh-North is a highly skilled, uniquely qualified, full-service lawyer whose general practice serves clients in urgent criminal defense matters, consumer bankruptcy filings, personal injury claims and family law problems.

During his more than two decades of diligent service to individuals, couples, families and business owners, Mr. Losh-North has built a solid reputation for results. This track record of success is based on in-depth investigation of an accident or arrest, effective negotiations with an insurer or divorcing spouse, and attentive personal service that brings clients peace of mind.

Troy D. Losh-North, Attorney At Law — Accomplished, Accessible, Affordable

Complex, potentially life-changing legal problems are nothing you welcome — and certainly not an opportunity for you to attempt to represent yourself. A consumer bankruptcy filing, a dispute between relatives that belongs in family court, serious criminal charges or a disabling personal injury is best handled by an experienced lawyer who is fully equipped to handle the case's intricacies.

Are you hospitalized after an accident and worried about incurring additional costs by hiring Mr. Losh-North to represent you? The contingency fee basis for his work eliminates that concern right away. You owe no attorney fee unless we win your case.

Contact us at 660-262-4190 or 888-641-2004 toll free to schedule a free initial consultation. Home and hospital visits are available to personal injury clients whose medical conditions prevent travel. Our law firm serves clients in Warrensburg, Johnson County and throughout West Central Missouri.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.